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Exposed to 10s of Thousands of Parents and Students 


Attract Dozens of Enquiries Every Week 

from Only $1.25 A Day ?

Especially for all Tutors, Music Teachers, Sports Coaches, Education Centre Owners, Lifelong-Learning Coaches and Education Providers...

* Only for services rendered in Singapore.

Now the problem you are facing is either that:

a. Your clientele-base is not growing fast enough,

b. You don't know how to reach out to more prospect parents and students online, or 

c. Your marketing and advertisement costs have become more expensive than you can cope.

Yes, marketing your business or service online and on social media used to be cheap. But it seems with every passing month or quarter, your ad costs have increasingly escalated.


Today, each Click on Google may cost you up to an average of $3.00-$4.00. And many business advertisers revealed that they are paying between $50.00-$80.00 for every Lead from Facebook.

This is really expensive for most individual education providers and small learning centres.

Dear Tutor, Teacher, Coach or Centre Owner*,

You are in this business because of your passion for teaching and educating. But let's be frank. You still need students or clients to keep your business alive and fuel your passion. 

The sad truth is that for every successful education business, there are 2 which are forced to shut down due to costs, or are struggling to keep themselves afloat month after month. 

If you are among the 2 of 3 businesses which need more enquiries and enrollments, there is the solution for you.

What if I tell you there is a way to not only reach out to 10s of thousands of parents and students, and potentially receive dozens of enquiries every week, all from only $1.25 a day* ??!!

Yes, that's cheaper than a Starbucks latte for your business to be noticed by tens of thousands of potential customers per week!

* $1.25 is applicable for individual tutors and coaches. For centres, it will still be at an ultra affordable $4.53 daily!

List your learning-related business with LearnSuperMart from just:

- $1.25 a day, or $38 monthly (for individual tutors and coaches), or 

- $4.53 a day, or $138 monthly (for centres),

...and reach 10s of thousands of parents and students, and potentially receive dozens of enquiries every week!

From now until 26 February 2017... 

These fees are limited-time offers and valid only if you take up our Yearly Package ($38 x 12 or $138 x 12, paid upfront). The usual monthly fee is $88 (for individuals) and $298 (for centres). 

So right away, you will already be saving $600.00 if you list as an individual tutor or coach, or $1,920.00 when you list your centre! 

With this affordable investment, you will be getting your own Dedicated Listing Page which you can introduce your business, service or product to the hundreds to thousands of parents and students who peruse our website daily.

In your Listing Page, you are welcome to write as much as you want. Hyperlinks are allowed, and you can also input your social media account links. In addition, up to 8 images can be put up for more effective marketing.

If your business website is SEO-enhanced, you'll be glad to know that your Listing Page comes in the form of an SEO-Friendly URL. With the traffic to our website, your Listing Page will become a strong back-link to your site.

However, if you don't have a business website, your dedicated Listing Page can become your Static Website complete with all the information that your potential clients or customers need to contact you.

Start to list with us by registering a Merchant Account with us now.

Yes, I Want To Start My Listing!

But wait! There's more!

Every one of these Bonus Upgrades is designed to send even more targeted and motivated parents and students to you! And when applied altogether, most businesses experience 10X more enquiries than what they had before!

If you are among the next 10 Individuals or Centres which advertise with us through our most-popular Yearly Package, you will get not 1, not 2, but 5 Bonus Upgrades worth up to $2,944, for free!

Let's discover what these Bonus Upgrades can do for your business.

       Free Ad Banner* for up to 2 months!

You get your business, service or product featured on one of our prominent Ad Banners which will always be displayed regardless if the parent is perusing our popular articles, watching a video or even looking at other Listings! 

Our Ad Banners have always garnered so many clicks they are the favourite and essential ad space that the most established centres go for straight away. 

Because there is always a high demand for advertising on our Ad Banners, we can only give this free upgrade to the first 10 businesses that list with us via our Yearly Package. 

And since we want to make it as easy as possible for you, we will even design the banner for you! You do not even have to engage your own designer, saving you more money!

Altogether, this Bonus Upgrade is valued up to $774.00.

* This upgrade is only available for centres. Individual tutors and coaches can sign up for an Ad Banner from only $338 per month.)


         Complimentary 7 or 14-Day* Cross Posting of a Series at the LearnSuperMart Facebook Page!

This is also a perrenial favourite of many centres and individual tutors because it delivers!

By co-featuring a series of educational articles with us at our Facebook Page for 1 week or 2, you will be guaranteed to be noticed by 10s of thousands of parents and students. Our articles reach an average of 5,000 parents and students on a daily basis! That means your articles will be noticed by these many people every single day!

Imagine the number of motivated parents or students who will potentially be contacting you to ask about your services or products! Just take a conservative 0.1% of that figure and you could potentially be getting 5 enquiries a day!

Even individual tutors who just features a week of articles through our Facebook Page, have been known to get up to 4 enrollments within just that 1 week!

However, you must note that we do not just feature any article. We have a strict policy that articles shared through our Facebook Page must be of immense value to our target readers. And we have to also set the bar high in terms of the writing and accompanying images.

But don't worry. We will work with you for a series that is suitable and effective. To make it simpler for you, we will even be doing the final editing and image design. 

In all, this upgrade is worth up to $1,380.00.

* The 14-Day Series is only available for centres. Individual tutors and coaches get the 7-Day Series. Additional posting can be arranged at $680 for 7 days or $1380 for 14 days.


         Further Sharing of Your Series to Other Facebook Groups

We will also be sharing your 7 or 14-Day Series to other prominent education-related Facebook Groups, including LearnSuperMart's very own Singapore Study and Exam Tips Facebook Group.


Our Newsletter is sent to thousands of subscribers every month. Through our stringent quality control, we are able to determine that the majority of our subscribers are parents of school-going children and students. This means content that are featured in our newsletter get delivered to the correct target audience!

The first 10 businesses that list with us through a Yearly Package will be featured in not 1, not 2, but 3 issues on the LearnSuperMart Newsletter! And again, to make it seamless for you, we will be providing all the copywriting and

         Complimentary Feature of Your Business or Listing on 3 Issues* of the LearnSuperMart Newsletter

accompanying image design to make your feature more effective!

This upgrade is worth $512.00.

* Individual tutors and coaches will be featured in 1 issue instead. Additional features can be arranged at $138 per feature per month.


        Complimentary Advertisement of Your Listing on Facebook

And as if your listing won't be reaching out to enough viewers, we will even put up Facebook Advertisements to drive even more targeted audience to your listing!

With our experience and expertise in Facebook Marketing, you will be assured that your Listing will be accessed by parents and students in your correct segment.

And of course, you don't have to worry about designing your Facebook Ad because again, we will be doing that for you. The copywriting which includes the header, sub-header and text, as well as the image are crucial in attracting the target audience to click on the Ad. 

Trust us that we know what works with the thousands of dollars of advertisement budget we are handling every month.

This upgrade is worth up to $278.00*.

* Individual tutors and coaches will receive a Facebook Ad package worth $128.00 instead. Additional top up and extension of your Facebook Ads can be arranged.


Still considering? Let's make it easy for you to decide with this one more bonus!


                                Credits for Facebook Marketing Course

We will be conducting our inaugural Facebook Marketing Course in a few months. This is a course that is designed specifically for education-related businesses! By the end of the course, you will be ready to put up incredibly effective Facebook Ads that will drive even more leads and enquiries to your centre!

Meticulous preparation of the course materials is underway at the moment to ensure that all course participants receive the most-valued education on Facebook Marketing they can get.

And if your centre takes up our Yearly Package, you and a partner will be entitled to attend the course with $1,000.00 worth of credits* to offset the fee of the course!  

Stay tuned for more information on this.

* Individual tutors and coaches will receive $500.00 worth of credits for 1 attendee instead.

If you have been counting, you will realise that your small investment of only $138 or $38 monthly for a Yearly Package will reap you a whole lot of savings and bonuses!

In fact, altogether, your will be receiving savings and bonuses of $5,864.00 (for centres) and $2,144.00 (for individuals)! 

All for only $138 or $38 monthly*!

But remember. The savings are valid until 26 February 2017 and the 5 Bonus Upgrades are only reserved for the subsequent 10 listings!

So hurry! Register for a listing today!

* 12 months of fees will be collected upfront for the Yearly Package. You can also opt for our Quarterly or Monthly Packages at a marginally higher fee.

Yes, I Want To Start My Listing!

Save and Receive Bonus Upgrades worth up to $5,864.00 or $2,144.00 with your Yearly Package Now!


Your savings will only be valid for the next...

Let's revisit the reasons for listing with LearnSuperMart

These 5,000 daily viewers are going to be your potential clients! Just imagine getting a good proportion of these motivated viewers to peruse your service.

       Your Business, Service and Product Reach Out to 10s of Thousands of Motivated Prospects Per Week.

Our Facebook posts that drive clicks to our website reach an average of 5,000 motivated parents and students per day! That’s a Weekly Reach in the 10s of thousands! And this number is growing every week. We can achieve this because we create our own totally-original educational articles and share them daily on Facebook.


        Your Service or Business Rides on Our Paid Advertisement, For Free!

We advertise our Facebook Page – LearnSuperMart and website – learnsupermart.com daily. That means whatever education services that are listed with us will get exposure to all the targeted audience that our ads reach out to.

This is like Free Advertisement for your service or business!


         Your Investment is Only $38 or $138 a Month!

And that's only $1.25 or $4.53 a day! 

For an investment of less than what you pay for a latte at Starbucks, you can get your business reached out to 10s of thousands of targeted and motivated parents and students every single week! 

And assuming just 0.1% of these parents and students enquire about your business, you are looking potentially 5 leads every day!

All these while saving you up to $1,920.00!



        You Get 5 Bonuses Geared to Drive Even More Leads to You!

First, you get up to 2 months of Ad Banner space free, which is guaranteed to send more clicks to your website, potentially getting you even more enquiries!

Every one of these Bonus Upgrades is designed to drive more exposure and enquiries to your business! And altogether, they are worth up to $2,944.00!

Second, you can cross-post a 7 or 14-Day Series at our Facebook Page. Every single post has reached thousands of parents and students on Facebook. When you multiply that by 7 or 14, you can imagine how many people are eyeballing your business, service and product!

Third, you don't need to do any sharing of your post because we do all the hard work! Your series of posts will be shared to other prominent education-related Facebook Groups!

Fourth, your business will be featured in up to 3 issues of our Newsletter which is sent to thousands of parents who are hungry to learn more about new education services and products!

And fifth, we will even put up additional Facebook Ads to drive even more people to notice your Listing!


        Your Own Education Will Be Subsidized!

When we are ready to conduct our Facebook Marketing Course, and when you are ready to learn, you get up to $1,000.00 credits that goes towards subsidizing the fees.

In all, you will receive bonuses and save a total of $2,144.00 or $5,864.00!

But what is most important to you regardless if you are a tutor, music teacher, sports coach, centre owner, lifelong-learning coaches or any other type of education provider, are your enrollments!

Your Listing at LearnSuperMart is designed to do just that:

And with the 5 Complimentary Bonus Upgrades, you will be assured to receive more leadsmore enrollments, more quickly!

But this will not happen if you do not take action FAST

Because this offer will only last until 26 February 2017 and be for the next 10 Individuals or Centres which lists a Yearly Package with us.

Get You Enquiries!

If you want your clientele-base to grow rapidly… 

If you want to reach out to tens of thousands of parents and students every single week… 

If you want to market and advertise your education service or business from only $1.25 a day…

So what are you waiting for?

Click on the button below to tell us which Listing Package you want to take.

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Save and Receive Bonus Upgrades worth up to $5,864.00 or $2,144.00 with your Yearly Package Now!


Your savings will only be valid for the next...

I look forward to hearing from you! 

All the best to you and your business!


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